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Negotiations continued this week in Cincinnati, Ohio. Present again for the Company were Margaret Soda, VP-Human Resources as spokesperson, Gary Pratt, VP-Maintenance and Marcus Valentino, Director-Labor Relations. Your full Union negotiating committee was present.  Due to government funding issues, NMB Mediator Jack Kane was unable to attend.

The week started with an update on several initiatives in motion at PSA, the most recent of which being the expansion opportunities in Norfolk, VA. As a part of the new CBA being negotiated, some of the changes that have already been agreed to were implemented pre-ratification via an Letter of Agreement … Read More...

Flight Safety Update: SAFO 17011, Runway Status Lights (RWSL), is now published.

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All personnel who taxi aircraft are affected by this new FAA release.

This SAFO serves to ensure that aircraft operators, pilots and airport personnel are aware of the installation, meaning, and use of Runway Status Lights (RWSLs).

The SAFO can be viewed by downloading the attached .pdf file or by clicking on the following link

Thank You and keep Safety First!

Flight Safety Committee

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IAMAW District 142 | AA Supplemental Benefits Open Enrollment

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Representatives for the IAMAW District 142 | American Airlines Supplemental Benefits Open Enrollment will be onsite at the CLT Heavy Maintenance Hangar from October 31st – November 2nd. The representative will be in the main break room on the ground floor from 5am – 7:30pm. CLT Grievance Committee member Mark DeLuke will be assisting members at the Offsite Facility (Powerplant Overhaul/Stores) during this time period.

Click on the image below to download/print the full-size version. If you have any questions please direct them to the CLT Grievance Committee/John Bidoglio at 704-359-2182.

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Young Workers/Women’s/Human Rights Committees Featured on!!

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Did you know that Victory Lodge 1725’s Women’s, Human Rights and Young Workers Committees are currently featured in an article on the official website of the IAM? That’s right… members of our lodge are getting national attention for the work they are doing, often behind the scenes, to server our members and the community at large.

Please take a moment and go to the link below to read the article on .. and when you see members of the Women’s, Human Rights and Young Workers Committees around your workplace please tell them how much you appreciate all their … Read More...

Southern Piedmont Central Labor Council – Nov. 7th Election Candidate Guides

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The Legislative Committee is making available to our members the following Candidate Guides by the Southern Piedmont Central Labor Council. These are for the Nov. 7th General Election. The Central Labor Council and our own Legislative Committee have carefully and thoughtfully vetted these candidates and endorse them as Pro-Labor.

Please read and vote mindfully on Nov. 7th.

(Click on thumbnails to view/print full size Candidate Guides)

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Member Appreciation Day Raffle Winners!!

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A big Thank You to all who contributed, volunteered and came out to our 2017 Member Appreciation event at the Local Lodge last Saturday. We are already looking forward to next year’s event!

Here are your raffle winners:

$500 Lowe’s Gift Card: Mike Knoble, Fleet Service

$500 Visa Gift Card: James Morales, Fleet Service

T-Shirt Winners: Ken Everheart, Joe Nelson, Mike Crowell & Daryl Current

 …

Association, AA Executive Session Negotiations Continue – 10/20/2017

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Brothers and Sisters,

The Executive Negotiating Committee met face to face with American Airlines this week in New York City.

As was previously reported, an Association subcommittee met last week in Dallas to review and designate what Letters of Agreement would be retained in the JCBA, should be discussed during negotiations to incorporate into articles of the JCBA, or removed. All TWU and IAM Letters of Agreement inside and outside of the current CBA’s were reviewed for all groups.

Discussion this week centered around ASAP (Aviation Safety Action Program), GSAP (Ground Safety Action Program), Grandfathering Limited Duty, Overtime procedures … Read More...

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IAM/AA Present Checks from the 2017 Car Show at CLT Base Maintenance Town Hall

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Volunteers from the ranks of the IAM and American Airlines presented the checks today from the proceeds from the 2017 CLT Car Show!

A check for $1000 was presented to representatives from the Veteran Military Employee Business Resource Group in Charlotte

Two checks in the amounts of $6000 were presented to Snowball Express and the Gary Sinise Foundation. The checks were unveiled during the CLT Base Maintenance Town Hall Meeting and presented to VP of Maintenance Bill Cade who will deliver them to Snowball Express and the Gary Sinise Foundation.

We would like to extend our sincere …

The Association: Interim Wage Increase Agreement Update

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Brothers and Sisters,

The TWU/IAM Association and  American Airlines agreed that, as part of the interim wage increase agreement negotiated in August 2016, any members that were disadvantaged would be corrected and made whole. The first correction in 2016 affected 33 members.

The parties are pleased to announce that this year, 27 LUS Stock Clerks will receive lump sum payments for incorrect placement on the pay scale as a result of the August 2016 interim wage agreement.

In addition, 163 LAA Title 1 and Title 2 members will receive lump sum payments as result of the negative impact on … Read More...

District 141’s Record Breaking Donation for Disaster Relief

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IAM141 President Mike Klemm presented a check for $250,000 to the IAM Disaster Relief Fund, the largest single donation in the history of the program.

The District Lodge 141 Executive Board made and approved the motion to donate $250,000 to the IAM Disaster Relief Fund. The record-shattering contribution was announced on the opening day of the IAM141 Chairman’s Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The historic donation was raised in order to address ongoing and massive flooding and storm damage caused by Hurricanes Harvey in East Texas, Irma in Florida and Maria in Puerto Rico.

The IAM Disaster Relief Fund …