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IAM Responds to Southwest Airlines Emergency Landing

April 17, 2018 Admin 0


A Southwest Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Philadelphia this morning after an uncontained engine failure blew out a window and injured several people on board the aircraft.
“The IAM extends its heartfelt compassion to the passengers and crew from Southwest Airlines Flight 1380,” said IAM General Vice President Sito Pantoja. “Three members of the IAM’s EAP and Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) are already in Philadelphia meeting with IAM members from Southwest. We have contacted the Transport Workers Union, which represents Southwest’s Flight Attendants and Fleet Service workers, and offered our CIRT team’s assistance. I commend the … Read More...

Southwest Airlines Contract Bargaining Survey

April 6, 2018 Admin 0


Dear Sisters and Brothers:

As we move closer to the start of negotiations, we need your input into the importance of the issues raised in the proposal submissions.  The screening committee sorted all proposals and ranked them.  Those proposals were used to create the survey and now you put your ranking in those proposals.

Please click on this link to begin the survey:


The survey will be open until midnight, April 28, 2018.

Thank you for your participation.


In Solidarity,

Dave Supplee







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Southwest Screening Committee Meets

March 26, 2018 Admin 0


Dear Sisters and Brothers:

This week a committee of 16 SWA Union Members met to screen over 2000 proposals submitted by the membership. The committee represents a true cross section of SWA employees, able to present the concerns of full time and part time, all work groups, large and small stations and centers, as well as general and specialty skill groups. Proposals were sorted, discussed and prioritized to aid the negotiation committee in crafting the Union’s position to the company.

A survey will be available on IAMDL142.org soon to further capture the needs and concerns of the membership. We … Read More...