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President’s Report – October 2018

President’s Report

We have all heard a tremendous amount recently about the elections that will be taking place in November. The stakes are high not only for the candidates but also for the voters and this country.

It’s possible that there will be a record turnout in this election. Much of that can be attributed to the incredible amount of voter dissatisfaction that exist today. Many citizens are disillusioned with the way our government operates. They feel like their interests are not being heard or considered, that their voice doesn’t matter. Our government has become one dimensional. It has become a playground for narrow minded self-serving special interest groups. It does not value consensus, but instead has become increasingly polarized. It does not use “what’s best for all” in its calculus.  It does not consider the “greater good” as an imperative. That is why our government on a local, state, and federal level is so dysfunctional. That’s why in so many areas it is failing and letting down the very people it is supposed to serve. 

We all know and understand that our government works best, serves us most effectively and honestly, when it is not one dimensional, when it is not the playground of small narrow minded self-serving special interest groups, but instead when many voices are heard, when there is consensus, when there is balance, and when everyone has a seat at the table. That’s when this country lives up to its promise and potential, and the American people deserve nothing less.

On December 13th,2018 there will be another election. Just like in November, the stakes will be high not only for the candidates but also for our members and this Local Lodge.

On that Thursday in December, the members of Victory Lodge 1725 will have the opportunity to decide who their Executive Board will be for the next three years. That leadership team will have many monumental decisions to make during those three years, decisions that will affect this lodge far, far into it’s future. Having said that, all the concepts that apply to how effectively and fairly our government serves or does not serve its citizens applies to the governing of this local lodge. It is no different. It is my hope that our next Executive Board leadership team will not be one dimensional, that it will not be polarized. Instead, our future local leaders must value consensus, must believe that together we are greater than the sum of our individual parts. They must embrace the greater good of all Victory Lodge 1725’s members in their decision making process as they move forward. That is how this lodge will continue to live up to its promise and potential. You along with the rest Victory Lodge 1725’s members deserve nothing less.