Association, AA Executive Session Negotiations Continue – 12/08/2017

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IAM/PSA Airlines Ratification Vote Information

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Voting on the recently released Tentative Agreement reached with your carrier was conducted this week in CAK, DAY, CVG, CLT and GSP.  With just under 80% of the total membership participating in this ratification, the Tentative Agreement was rejected by over 92% by the voting membership.

We will begin the process of soliciting the membership for the issues that led to the overwhelming rejection of this Tentative Agreement.  Details on the next steps will be released on a future bulletin and all activities will be coordinated through your Shop Stewards once released.

Your Negotiating Committee wishes to thank everyone …

Association, AA Executive Session Negotiations Continue – 12/01/2017

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Brothers and Sisters,

The Executive Negotiating Committee met face to face with American Airlines this week in Washington DC. This session was focused on Maintenance Training Specialists (MTS) and was very productive. Non-economic articles were discussed. Constructive dialog in a productive environment helped the parties significantly narrow their positions in numerous articles that produced an agreement on most outstanding language issues.
Complete Tentative Agreements were reached on:

Purpose of Agreement
Safety & Health

When the parties reconvene both sides will be prepared to begin discussions on the Scope Article and remaining language issues for MTS.

Additional …

AA DFW Mechanic Update

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Sisters and Brothers:

I have recently received a number of calls regarding the Preferential Hiring Agreement and the Vacation Bid process.  In order to eliminate the rumors and misinformation I would like to address these issues here.

Preferential Hiring Agreement signed 8/6/2014

    • This agreement provided a pathway for an employee that was furloughed from a specific station to return to that station if the opposite carrier (LAA or LUS) had vacancies that were not filled through the respective CBA and would be going to the street.
    • DFW was not available as a preferential Hiring Station as the LAA recall

Operation Christmas Child

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The holiday season is often time for family and giving to those that are less fortunate. With that being said the Young Workers Committee of Local 1725 out of Charlotte, NC, asked the Women’s/Human Rights Committee to team up and volunteer at Operation Christmas Child.

Every year Samaritan’s Purse coordinates Operation Christmas Child which sends shoeboxes of gifts to third world countries. This can only be completed thanks in large part to hundreds of volunteers each year. Last year in Charlotte alone, 2.4 million shoeboxes were processed through Samaritan’s Purse largest warehouse.  This year the goal is 2.5 million

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IAM/PSA Airlines Tentative Agreement Info – Update 11/18/17

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Many people have been questioning the rules and requirements that are being communicated for the upcoming ratification vote.  They can be found on page 18 of the District Lodge 142 By-Laws which read in part:


Section 1.  All negotiated contracts shall be submitted to the membership affected for ratification. Each negotiated airline contract shall be forwarded, with all changes plainly marked, to each subject local in sufficient numbers for each local lodge officer (working under the contract affected), Grievance Committee   member and local contact for a minimum of five (5) days study prior to the balloting for … Read More...

Association, AA Executive Session Negotiations Continue – 11/11/2017

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Brothers and Sisters,

The Executive Negotiating Committee met face to face with American Airlines this week in Washington DC.

The Letters of Agreement that were reviewed and designated by the Association subcommittee, were presented to the company. An agreement was reached by the parties on what letters will still need to be discussed and incorporated into the JCBA, what letters will be retained, and what letters will be eliminated that are no longer relevant.

Discussions continued for MLS and MCT on Qualifications, Filling of Vacancies and Overtime procedures. Progress was made.

Agreement was reached to continue the Aviation Safety … Read More...

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Breaking News: IAM/PSA Airlines Tentative Agreement Reached!

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As we resumed negotiations in DAY this week, the momentum from last week carried forward and we were able to close the gap on the few remaining issues. As of today, we have reached a Tentative Agreement on terms for your new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Below are highlights from this Tentative Agreement:


·   14% in wage increases over term (5%-3%-3%-3%) ·   24.5% net increase in CBA value over term with wage, premium and benefit increases
·   7% (wage and A&P license premium) average increase effective on DOS ·   Additional Personal Day Off
·   A&P License premiums now $1.00/each –
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IAM/PSA Airlines Tentative Agreement Info

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As a follow-up to the bulletin this morning announcing the Tentative Agreement (TA), copies of the TA are immediately available online on the District Lodge 142 website at  Hard copies of the TA are being printed and should be shipped by Friday to each Maintenance Base.  They will be available either through a Negotiating Committee Member or a Shop Steward so check locally to find out who will be handling the copies of the TA at your Base.

Per the District Lodge 142 By-Laws, it is a requirement that every member receive a copy and have it in … Read More...

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Negotiations continued this week in Cincinnati, Ohio. Present again for the Company were Margaret Soda, VP-Human Resources as spokesperson, Gary Pratt, VP-Maintenance and Marcus Valentino, Director-Labor Relations. Your full Union negotiating committee was present.  Due to government funding issues, NMB Mediator Jack Kane was unable to attend.

The week started with an update on several initiatives in motion at PSA, the most recent of which being the expansion opportunities in Norfolk, VA. As a part of the new CBA being negotiated, some of the changes that have already been agreed to were implemented pre-ratification via an Letter of Agreement … Read More...