IAM/PSA Airlines 2022 Negotiations Update

September 29, 2022 POST ON ALL IAM BULLETIN BOARDS Dear Sisters and Brothers: Negotiations resumed this week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with the Union and Company conducting the meetings virtually. Your entire negotiating committee was present as was the Company’s. We may conduct one additional meeting virtually before reverting to in-person meetings again. The virtual meetings have been beneficial [Read More..]


Machinists Union Files for Election to Represent 500 Jetstream Workers in Charlotte, N.C.September 27, 2022 The IAM, North America’s largest airline union, has filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to represent approximately 500 Jetstream aircraft cleaners and ground handling agents at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.Jetstream workers launched their campaign to join the IAM in May after reports of subpar [Read More..]

Renaissance West STEAM Academy Pizza Day

Members of the Local Lodge Community Service Committee and Executive board delivered a pizza party to the students of Renaissance West today. The classes that held perfect attendance and full participation in last weeks spirit week got to have a pizza party for lunch. This small but kind gesture speaks to the motto of the IAM, “Justice on the job [Read More..]

Vice President Election

The election will take place on Thursday October 13th 2022 from 6am-6pm. Location 3727 Rose lake Drive Charlotte, NC 28217 See sample ballot attached. Download PDFPrint Post

1725 Retirement Celebration 2022

On Wednesday September 7th the Local had a celebration for all of our recent retirees from the last three years. It was amazing to see so many familiar faces and to share stories from proud union members that have spanned the many transitions of the aviation industry. Check out the photo gallery to see the wonderful time had by all. [Read More..]

IAM Air Transport District Lodge 142 Notice of Nominations and Elections for Exeutive Officers.

Nominations for these offices can be made at a special meeting of your Local Lodge on Friday, September 23, 2022. In the event members of your local nominate more candidates than 1-President-Directing General Chair, 1-Secretary-Treasurer, 14-General Chairs, 1-Vice President – Alaska Airlines, 1-Vice President – American Airlines, 1-Vice President – Hawaiian Airlines, 1-Vice President – McGee Air Services, 1-Vice President [Read More..]

Active Shooter Survival Training

On Tuesday August 30th members participated in an active shooter survival training presented by CMPD. Lieutenant LeBraun Evans gave a very insightful presentation on the training that anyone can do in order to increase our chance of survival rate in this type of situation. The one thing that stood out for me is maintaining overall situational awareness. We must always [Read More..]


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Decisions & Choices: Layoff Resource Manual

August 21, 2020 0

Sisters and Brothers, Understanding that the loss of a job will undoubtedly put great physical and emotional strain upon workers and their families, I want you to know that you are not alone. To get the help you may need, you must know where to find it The IAM has created this manual to assist you if you have lost [Read More..]

Photo Gallery Previews

Check out previews of some of our photo galleries. You can find all the galleries at the link below:
Local Lodge Photo Albums

2022 Shop Steward Training

District 141 Education Representatives training our new Shop Stewards at the local lodge.

Click here to see the full gallery!

Women’s Leadership & Election Training at W3

Victory Lodge 1725 women in leadership attended classes at Winpisinger for Women's Leadership and Election Training.

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2022 Stewards, Committees & Officers

2022 Executive Board Officers, Committees and Stewards Sworn in on historic day.

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We Stood Together in Solidarity!

A few images from our historic fight to secure our JCBA's.

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75th Anniversary Brunch & Recognition Celebrations

Honoring our past and current leadership at the celebration brunch for our lodge's 75th anniversary.

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Vice President Election

September 10, 2022 0

The election will take place on Thursday October 13th 2022 from 6am-6pm. Location 3727 Rose lake Drive Charlotte, NC 28217 See sample ballot attached. Download PDFPrint Post

L-R: Edison Fraser, Dora Cervantes, Renae Miller, Helena Thornton, Tami Travis, Richard Johnsen

All New JCBA’s

Below are links to all new JCBA's. Note these are the TA versions until we have the final agreements available.

Fleet Service

Mechanic & Related

Material Logistics Specialists

Maintenance Control Technicians

Maintenance Training Specialists

Meeting Schedule

The next monthly union business meeting is Thursday, September 8th, 2022 at 4:00 PM The meeting will be at the local lodge. Agenda Below:

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Helena Thornton, President: hthornton@vl1725.org

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