AA – Additional Communication Regarding TRO

June 19, 2019


The IAM has previously advised you of a Federal Court Order issued on June 14, 2019 requiring the IAM, the TWU, the IAM-TWU Association, the local unions that represent employees at American Airlines, and their members, to resume normal working schedules and practices.

The Order requires that no employee shall engage in any concerted refusal to perform normal operations.

The IAM, TWU and the Association have not authorized and do not encourage any form of job action at American Airlines.  This is to emphasize and remind each of you that no one should engage in, or encourage anyone else to engage in, any form of interference with American Airlines operations.

This means that union members shall not:

  • fail to complete maintenance repairs as they would in the normal course;
  • slowdown in the performance of their job duties; or
  • take any other action intended to cause aircraft to be out of service or cause flight delays or cancellations.

The Court Order and prior communications from the IAM and the Association are all available on the IAM, District Lodge 142, and Local Lodge websites.

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