Informational Picketing – CLT – March 28, 2019

March 29, 2019 Admin 0

Informational picketing sessions were held Thursday, March 28, 2019 at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Association members from IAM Victory Lodge 1725, along with General Chairs from District Lodges 142 and 141 and TWU members from around the country picketed at the Departures area of the airport terminal and the entrance to the airport at Little Rock Rd and Wilkinson Blvd.

Our members held signs and banners reinforcing our positions on the outstanding issues in our contract negotiations. Crews from several local news stations covered the event and our members were grateful for not only the news coverage but also the … Read More...

GVP Pantoja Visits Philadelphia Local, Talks American Negotiations

April 4, 2018 Admin 0


On Tuesday, Transportation GVP Sito Pantoja visited members in Philadelphia and attended a meeting at Local Lodge 1776. GVP Pantoja, along with members of the IAM negotiating team on American Airlines, met with local leaders and committee members to provide an update on the status of negotiations. An industry report was also given to the membership, focusing on the American negotiations.
Members expressed their support and solidarity in achieving an industry best contract on American.
Similar meetings are occurring with IAM and TWU leadership across the country. Positive reports have come from those meetings in what is becoming a