TWU-IAM Ratifies New Contracts at American Airlines

March 26, 2020

The TWU-IAM Association today announced its American Airlines
membership overwhelmingly ratified contracts covering more than 30,000
Mechanic & Related (including Maintenance Control Technicians &
Maintenance Training Specialists), Fleet Service, and Material Logistics
Specialists/Stores members.

Percent Voting Yes:

  • Mechanic & Related:   90.94% 
  • Fleet Service:                95.45% 
  • MLS/Stores:                  92.12% 

“The resounding approval of these contracts yet again proves that by
standing together and demonstrating our solidarity and determination, we
are able to achieve contracts our members deserve,” said Association
Chair Sito Pantoja and Vice Chair Alex Garcia. “It is that same resolve
that will get us through this unprecedented crisis facing our airline,
our industry and our country.”

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PDF Version: AA Ratification Bulletin 3/26/20