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One of the primary goals that I have for Victory Lodge 1725 is for this local lodge to be seen by it’s members as a valuable community resource.This lodge should be more than just a place where we hold monthly business meetings and conduct the routine but necessary business at hand. It should be a place where we offer our members opportunities and events that will benefit them at work as well as their time away from work. It should also be a place where we build solidarity and fellowship through the common interest and shared goals that define what unionism is all about.

This Lodge should also be a place where we educate our members further about the benefits of belonging to a union and more importantly the benefits of being involved in that union. On a daily basis I see and hear the stories about how our shop stewards, appointed committee representatives, and grievance committee representatives make a difference in our members lives. They make a difference for the better and in doing so they make this local lodge better and this union stronger.

I read once that a union membership is like a gym membership. You pay your monthly dues to be a member but if you don’t show up and work at it you will not become stronger. What’s true for the gym is also very true for the union. I encourage each of you to work at it by staying informed and educated through our new website, through our bi-monthly newsletter and by attending our monthly business meetings. Look for opportunities to get directly involved as well. Opportunities such as joining one of the many committees we have, becoming a shop steward, or participating in some of the special events we hold are great ways to make this local and our union stronger.

Our local, our union, and our future will only be as good as the amount of effort that we (you) are willing to invest in it.

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