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Ground Safety DL 142

A primary goal of District Lodge 142 is for a safe and healthful work environment for its members. District Lodge 142 supports each member’s right and responsibility to work in a safe and healthful environment utilizing the proper safety equipment and work practices.

The District Lodge 142 Ground Safety Committee, through its network of Ground Safety Coordinators and Local Ground Safety Committees, will provide leadership in the following areas:

  • Develop partnerships with their respective employers to mutually achieve an accident-free workplace
  • Provide training and awareness to the members on occupational health, safety and the environment
  • Represent the membership before government, enforcement and policy setting organizations
  • Serve as legislative advocates on safety, health and environmental issues
  • Stay current on new technologies and information through safety and health organizations
  • Interact with safety and health representatives at other air carriers and associated industry workplaces
  • Strive for consistent industry-wide joint management human factors programs

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DL 142 Ground Safety Committee Members

DL 142 Ground Safety Director

Ron Miller    412-776-8181

Mechanic & Related

Richard Novak (Chairman)    704-928-6644 (mobile)

Rick Heckenkamp    704-359-2278 (work)    704-779-8050 (mobile)

Sally Dowling  704-359-2278

John Wahlgren

Recent Posts by the Ground Safety Committee

“C” is for “Consistency” – Ramp Safety

Ramp safety briefings are an important piece of a broader topic: Safety Culture. At the foundation of a good safety culture is clear, consistent communication on safety from all levels of an organization’s leadership….

Ground Safety Committee Unveils New Safety Reporting Form

The CLT Ground Safety Committee is pleased to unveil a new tool to help find and address safety concerns in the workplace. The Form can be found by mousing over the “Safety & Health” menu item on the homepage. It is the top link on the dropdown menu. The page address itself is: https://vl1725.org/ground-safety-alert-form/ The […]

AIR21 Whistleblower Protection Program

The Wendell H. Ford Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st Century (AIR21) prohibits discrimination against air carrier industry employees who report information related to air carrier safety. Who may file under the AIR21 Whistleblower Protection Program? Only inputs from employees of US air carriers, their contractors, and their subcontractors are accepted under the AIR21 Whistleblower Protection […]

Unions and Airlines United for Safety

12/13/2017 To reduce the number of workplace accidents at our nation’s airports, union activists promised to form stronger partnerships with airline and industry leaders at the IAM141 Safety Conference, which began on Tuesday. The IAM141 Safety Conference is an annual event that brings together union leaders and activists, company representatives and workplace safety experts from around […]

IAM and AA Sign New ASAP Memorandum of Understanding

09/27/2017 Today, the IAM and American Airlines signed a new MOU on the LUS ASAP program.  This new MOU fixes many of the problems we have had with the original ASAP program – most importantly, disciplinary action taken by the company against members who submit an ASAP report. In August, General Chair Sean Ryan advised […]

DL 142 Ground Safety Report – 06/02/16

Joint Air Transport Safety Committee Opens Conference,  Presents Award to Hero Flight Attendant Alyssa Schulte receives the JATSC Safety Appreciation Award. (From left to right: Transportation Department Assistant Airline Coordinator James Carlson, Alyssa Schulte, JATSC member and ExpressJet Flight Attendant Stephanie Starks and District 142 General Chairwoman Sara Gonzales). The IAM Joint Air Transport Safety […]

DL 142 Ground Safety Report – Spring 2016

-By Ron Miller, Ground Safety Committee Director Registration is open for the 2016 annual Ground Safety Training Conference, June 1-3 in Hollywood, Md. Last year’s conference was full with a wait list, so this year we have reserved all of the rooms at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center. The conference is hosted […]