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Volunteers Needed!

Your Local Lodge seeks individuals willing to serve the Membership as Committee volunteers. Members interested in serving on a Local Lodge Committee should write to the Local Lodge President, pronouncing their interest and experience.  Member participation is equivalent to the success of these Committees.

The Committees, which are non-elected positions per Local Lodge 1725 Bylaws, shall include, but not be limited to, the Legislative, Education, Ground Safety, Human Rights, EAP, MNPL, Women’s, and Bylaws.

Below is a list of your committees and the elected and appointed Local Lodge 1725 committee members. Click on the committee name to view the individual page and read the latest updates. 

E-Mail Addresses & Contact Info Is Updated As Made Available.

Communications Committee

Gary Winchester,    Editor, Victory News

Lou Gilmore  Local Lodge Communicator & Webmaster

Grievance Committees

DL 142 Mechanic & Related

Committee Chair:

Kenny Geis

Committee Members: John Hurst

DL 141 Fleet Service

Committee Chair:

Mike Knoble

Committee Members: Daryl Current, Alan Drennen, Justin Conyers

DL 142 Maintenance Trainers

Will Lane


Kevin Ash, Jose Rivera


Deborah Stubblefield

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

DL 142

Paul Shultz (Chair)  704-907-3563 (24-Hour Confidential Voicemail)

Local 1725 142 EAP Representatives (Mechanic & Related)

Phil Skaar   704-650-3401

Kenny Geis   704-770-5069

DL 141

Bryan Hutchinson (Director)  303-348-4080

Chris Davis  (Chair AA/US)  704-572-4859

Local 1725 141 EAP Representatives (Fleet Service)

Brian Lee   704-650-3869

Juvonna M. Martin  704-650-7123

Education Committee

Committee Chair:

Daryl Current

Committee Members: Lou Gilmore, Helena Thornton

MNPL Committee

Committee Chair:

Maureen Kelly

Committee Members: Mark DeLuke

Legislative Committee

Committee Chair:

Maureen Kelly

Committee Members: Mark DeLuke, Helena Thornton, Chris Johnson, Phil Skaar, William Alvarez, Lou Gilmore

Flight Safety Committee

DL 142 Flight Safety Committee Director

John Hall  704-359-2022 (work) |  704-907-2162 (mobile)

Flight Safety Coordinator

Bud Brown  1st shift ASAP ERC Member 704-359-2425 (work) |  803-431-9470 (mobile)


Flight Safety Reps

Mark Heim Shift 1 Base Maintenance  704-359-2193 (work) |  716-628-4042 (mobile)

John Bidoglio   Shift 1 Inspector, Receiving  704-408-9621 (mobile)

Kenny Geis  Shift 1 Grievance Committee Office   704-770-5069 (mobile)

Ground Safety Committee

DL 141 Safety Director

Dennis Spencer Cell: (484) 630-5114 Email: dspenser@IAM141.org

Fleet Service

Safety Chair:

Fred Butts 804-640-5432

Chris Davis  704-572-4859

DL 142 Ground Safety Director

Brian Szolodko

Mechanic & Related

Safety Chair:

Richard Novak

Safety Peers

Todd Day, Matt Staeuble, Chris Katz

Building Committee

Mary Geottl (Chair), Jason Wells, Mark Deluke, Helen Lima, Lou Gilmore

Bylaws Committee

Committee Chair:

Daryl Current

Committee Members: Dave Spano, Sean Freriches

Organizing Committee

Committee Chair:

Andrew Garmenson

Committee Members: Lisa Leathers, Helena Thornton, Stephen Linson, Dakota Garmenson, Nelson Lacayo, Lou Gilmore, William Alvarez

Young Workers Committee

Committee Chair:

Nolan Arnold

Committee Members: Mark Caines, Naeem Ifill, Aaron Moore.

Women’s/Human Rights Committee

Committee Chair:

Lisa Leathers

Committee Members: Helena Thornton, April Adcock, Debra Stubberfield(RDU-UA), Zenaria Wiggins(RDU-AA), Tami Travis, Kris Hall, Laurice Bryant, Lou Gilmore

Community Service Committee

Committee Chair:

Helena Thornton

Committee Members: Lisa Leathers, Tami Travis, Zenaria Wiggins, Kris Hall, Lou Gilmore

Retirees Committee

Committee chair:

Apil Adcock

Events Committee

Committee Chair:

Kris Hall

Veterans Committee

John Hurst (Chair)  (704) 813-0004