Volunteers Needed!

Your Local Lodge is looking for individuals who are willing to serve the Membership as a Committee volunteer. Members interested in serving on a Local Lodge Committee should notify the Local Lodge President in writing pronouncing their interest and experience.  Member participation is tantamount to the success of these Committees.

The Committees, which are  non-elected positions per Local Lodge 1725 Bylaws, shall include, but not limited to, the Legislative, Education, Ground Safety, Human Resource, EAP, MNPL, Woman’s, and Bylaws.

Below is a list of your committees and the elected and appointed Local Lodge 1725 committee members. Click on the committee name to go to the individual page and read the latest updates. 

E-Mail Addresses & Contact Info Is Updated As Made Available.

Communications Committee

Gary Winchester    Editor, Victory News

Lou Gilmore  Local Lodge Communicator & Webmaster

Grievance Committees

DL 142 Mechanic & Related

Kenny Geis (Chair), Todd Day, John Hurst

DL 141 Fleet Service

Mike Knoble (Chair), Daryl Current, Alan Drennen, Justin Conyers

DL 142 Maintenance Trainers

Will Lane


Kevin Ash, Jose Rivera


Deborah Stubblefield

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

DL 142

Paul Shultz (Chair)  704-907-3563 (24 Hour Confidential Voicemail)

Local 1725 142 EAP Representatives (Mechanic & Related)

Phil Skaar   704-650-3401

Kenny Geis   704-770-5069

DL 141

Bryan Hutchinson (Director)  303-348-4080

Chris Davis  (Chair AA/US)  704-572-4859

Local 1725 141 EAP Representatives (Fleet Service)

Brian Lee   704-650-3869

Juvonna M. Martin  704-650-7123

Education Committee

Daryl Current (Chair), Lou Gilmore, Helena Thornton

MNPL Committee

Maureen Kelly (Chair), Mark DeLuke

Legislative Committee

Maureen Kelly (Chair), Mark DeLuke, Helena Thornton, Chris Johnson, Phil Skaar, Lou Gilmore

Flight Safety Committee

DL 142 Flight Safety Committee Director

John Hall  704-359-2022 (work) |  704-907-2162 (mobile)

Flight Safety Coordinator

Bud Brown  1st shift ASAP ERC Member 704-359-2425 (work) |  803-431-9470 (mobile)


Flight Safety Reps

Mark Heim Shift 1 Base Maintenance  704-359-2193 (work) |  716-628-4042 (mobile)

John Bidoglio   Shift 1 Inspector, Receiving  704-408-9621 (mobile)

Kenny Geis  Shift 1 Grievance Committee Office   704-770-5069 (mobile)

Ground Safety Committee

DL 141 Safety Director

Dennis Spencer Cell: (484) 630-5114 Email:

Fleet Service

Mike Moser (Safety Chair) 980-722-4614

Chris Davis  704-572-4859

DL 142 Ground Safety Director

Brian Szolodko

Mechanic & Related

Richard Novak (Chair), Todd Day, Matt Staeuble, Chris Katz

Building Committee

Mary Geottl (Chair), Jason Wells, Mark Deluke, Helen Lima, Lou Gilmore

Bylaws Committee

Daryl Current (Chair), Dave Spano, Sean Freriches

Organizing Committee

(Chair), Lisa Leathers, Helena Thornton, Stephen Linson, Andrew Garmenson, Nelson Lacayo Lou Gilmore William Alvarez

Young Workers Committee

Stephen Linson (Chair), Lou Gilmore, Mike Knoble,

Women’s/Human Rights Committee

(Chair), Helena Thornton. Lisa Leathers, Lou Gilmore, April Adcock, Debra Stubberfield(RDU-UA), Zenaria Wiggins(RDU-AA), Tami Travis

Community Service Committee

Helena Thornton (Chair),Tami Travis, Lisa Leathers

Veterans Committee

John Hurst (Chair)  (704) 813-0004