What I’m Thankful For

November 26, 2020 Sisters, Brothers and Friends of the IAM, While this year has been unlike any other, there is still much to be thankful [Read More..]

Home Agent Update

November 23, 2020 As has been reported, your Union has met with Southwest management to discuss the continuance of the home agent program. It is [Read More..]

There is Nothing to Vote

November 20, 2020 Despite the Company’s very awkward attempt to bargain directly with its employees and go around your negotiators, the fact remains that there [Read More..]

Setting the Record Straight

November 17, 2020 Recently, Southwest distributed a communication Companywide from Julie and Russell trying to describe terms that may be used as Southwest contemplates reducing [Read More..]

DL 142

Tiny Raider Association Threatens Mechanics at American Airlines

November 15, 2020 A small and poorly-resourced association claimed on Friday that it secured the requisite support among mechanic and related workers at American Airlines [Read More..]

$3 Million Reasons Why Southwest Management Refuses to Take Federal Loan

November 12, 2020 All five of Southwest Airlines’ named executives would be subject to strict pay limitations for up to six years if the company [Read More..]

IAM Victory Lodge

Local Lodge 1725 – November Business Meeting Canceled/Rescheduled

The November 12 monthly business meeting has been canceled and rescheduled for November 19 at 12:00pm due to the flooding in Charlotte and the state [Read More..]

A Veterans Day Message from GVP Pantoja

November 11, 2020 Today, we celebrate Veterans Day. On this special day, let us pause and salute all who have served and honor the tremendous [Read More..]

Southwest Airlines Update – Still Waiting

November 10, 2020 Since our last bulletin, as the Company has been talking concessions and furloughs, their negotiators have sought no meetings with our negotiators. [Read More..]

Southwest Airlines Update – November 2, 2020

November 2, 2020 Since our last bulletin, your negotiators have been ready at a moment’s notice to meet in an effort to find an agreement [Read More..]