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Justice at JetBlue

November 29,2022,WASHINGTON DC—The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) today announced that the National Mediation Board (NMB), the federal agency that conducts union representation elections in the airline industry, has determined that an election for almost 3,000 JetBlue ground operations workers will take place. The voting period will be scheduled shortly by the NMB.

“I congratulate all JetBlue Ground Operations workers on their upcoming vote,” said IAM Air Transport General Vice President Richie Johnsen. “JetBlue Ground Ops workers have spoken loudly that they want a voice and a vote in their future. These workers deserve the respect and dignity that comes with collective bargaining rights and a union contract.”

JetBlue Ground Operations workers reignited their campaign to gain IAM representation late last year and filed for a union representation election in late September, 2022 with the NMB. The federal agency today determined that JetBlue Ground Operations workers have attained the requisite showing of interest to participate in a union representation election. Federal law requires that at least 50 percent of workers in a specific work classification request a union vote be called.

“I want every JetBlue Ground Ops worker to know that the IAM will stand with you 100 percent to win this election and attain the union contract that reflects your hard work and value to JetBlue Airways,” continued Johnsen. “JetBlue will be a better place to work once these brave workers have a real say in their wages, benefits and working conditions via a legally binding employment contract. If a contract is good for JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes, then a contract is good for the almost 3,000 Ground Ops workers who actually make the airline run.”

JetBlue Ground Operations workers have cited below standard pay, benefits and working conditions as reasons to unionize with the IAM. Union contracts in the airline industry provide workers with better pay, health and wellness benefits, flexibility and working conditions.

The IAM is largest airline union in North America and has over 600,000 active and retired members.

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