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The CLT Ground Safety Committee is pleased to unveil a new tool to help find and address safety concerns in the workplace.

The Form can be found by mousing over the “Safety & Health” menu item on the homepage. It is the top link on the dropdown menu. The page address itself is: https://vl1725.org/ground-safety-alert-form/

The Ground Safety Alert Form is not intended to replace normal policies, procedures, tag-outs, etc. It is simply another tool to address safety concerns where you work.

Example: You notice that a light has been out for weeks in your work area. This is a safety issue as lighting directly affects your working conditions. You’re not sure if anyone has been made aware that the light needs replacing and you’re not sure who to contact. By submitting the Ground Safety Alert Form a member of the Ground Safety Team will contact you (unless you choose to remain anonymous) and investigate the issue. They will then make the necessary contacts and follow-ups to the appropriate departments to get the issue resolved.

Safety is top priority in our workplace. Feel free to use the form for any safety concerns that you feel need addressing. We look forward to working with you!

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