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Transportation Leadership honor Helena Thornton as she is sworn in as President of Victory Lodge 1725

January 14, 2022 Admin 0

Victory Lodge 1725 made history this past Thursday, January 13th, as Helena Thornton was sworn in as its first female President.

L-R Edison Fraser, Dora Cervantes, Renae Miller, Helena Thornton, Tami Travis, Richard Johnsen

IAM Transportation senior leadership was on hand to honor Helena. Richard Johnsen, Chief of Staff to the International President; Edison Fraser, Transportation Coordinator; Tom Regan, Airline Coordinator, Grand Lodge Special Representative Will Cashion and Headquarters Communications Representative Tanya Hutchins joined General Secretary-Treasurer Dora Cervantes as she swore in Helena and the 1725 Executive Board and grievance committees.

Victory Lodge 1725 continues to lead the way in … Read More...

IAM Transportation

IAM Transportation Senior Leadership CLT Station Visit

January 10, 2022 Admin 0

IAMAW Transportation Leadership is coming to Charlotte for a station visit.

Dates: Wednesday – January 12th, Thursday – January 13th, Friday – January 14th

Rich Johnsen, Edison Fraser, Tom Regan and Will Cashion, accompanied by IAM GC’s, AGC’s and local Grievance Committees will be visiting breakrooms and work areas throughout the Charlotte Hub to conduct meet and greet and informational sessions.

Be on the lookout for our senior leadership on the dates above and welcome them to Charlotte.

Click on the flyer below to download and/or print a copy. Please feel free to post on … Read More...

Victory Lodge Officer and Grievance Committee Elections Results are In

December 10, 2021 Admin 0

Elections were held for Victory Lodge 1725 officers and DL 141 and 142 Grievance Committees on December 9, 2021. All positions will go into effect in January of 2022 with terms running through December of 2024.

Results are as follows:

Local Lodge Officers

President: Helena Thornton (unopposed)

Vice President: Todd Day

Recording Secretary: Renae Miller (unopposed)

Financial Secretary: Justin Conyers

Trustees: Chris Johnson, Tami Travis, Jason Wells

Conductor-Sentinel: Stephen Linson

Grievance Committees

141 – Fleet Service

Chairman: Mike Knoble

Daryl Current, Alan Drennen, Justin Conyers

142 – Mechanic & Related (unopposed)

Chairman: Kenny Geis

Todd Day, John Hurst

RDU –

Reminder – Participate in the Southwest Airlines Survey

December 8, 2021 Admin 0

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Earlier in November, we posted the link for our members to participate in the survey on the failed tentative agreement. We plan on leaving the survey open through the end of December, but we want to ensure ALL our members have the opportunity to submit their opinions so we can be fully prepared to re-enter negotiations.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Make your coworkers aware and ask them to do so too. When filling out the survey or passing the link on to coworkers, please be mindful of the Company’s social media … Read More...

Image of PSA - IAM Negotiations Logo

IAM/PSA Airlines 2021 Negotiations Update – Nov 24th

December 8, 2021 Admin 0

Sisters and Brothers:

Negotiations resumed this week in DAY on Monday and continued into Tuesday. Present for the Company were Counsel Steven Nigh, HR Dir Jeremy Gorges, DOM Steve Albaugh, HR Mgr. Hogan Kindrick and CLT Mgr. Rob Cox. Present for the Union were myself, GLR John Werkmeister, Todd Road-CAK, Greg Farmer-DAY, Scott Carpenter-CVG, and Ian Cole-CLT.

The Union opened this round with comprehensive passes covering all of Articles 1, 2, 3 & 4. Progress was made in all Articles and two counter proposals were made with the only remaining areas not tentatively agreed to being Articles 1C, 2A, 2B, … Read More...

Lodge Officer and Grievance Committee Elections Reminder – W/Sample Ballots

November 18, 2021 Admin 0

Nominations were made at the regular business meeting on November 11, 2021 for all Local Lodge Officer positions as well as Grievance Committees for Fleet (DL 141) and Mechanic & Related (DL 142).

Elections will be held at the local lodge on the day of the next regularly scheduled business meeting, December 9, 2021, from 6:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Note: all elected officer and grievance committee positions are for a three (3) year term, running from January 2022 – January 2025.

See the sample ballots below (click on each image to download/print).


What: Local Lodge Officer and Grievance …

Southwest Airlines Survey Issue

November 18, 2021 Admin 0

We have been advised some members are having problems with the survey. If you attempt to complete the survey on your phone, and you are using an android phone, there is a problem in selecting your station. If you have this problem, here is the work around. The work around is to select the 3 dots in the top right corner, drop down to and select “desktop site.”

Following these steps will allow you to complete the survey on your android phone.


David Supplee

President Directing General Chair


Southwest Airlines Failed TA Survey

November 17, 2021 Admin 0

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

As was previously communicated on November 5th, alongside the ratification results, your Union created a survey to get your feedback on why the Tentative Agreement failed.

Contained within the survey are many of the reasons we heard during the ratification meetings, and also provided a space for you to enter any additional reason(s) not already mentioned. Also provided is an opportunity for your personal comments. Finally, we need to know what you are willing to do to help get a contract you deserve.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Make your coworkers aware … Read More...

Southwest Airlines Members Reject Agreement

November 6, 2021 Admin 0

Sisters and Brothers:

After over three years of negotiations, your negotiating committee was able to reach a tentative agreement with Southwest Airlines. The committee fought hard for the issues the members raised in their proposals and they felt they accomplished what the members demanded – an improved quality of life for all members.

Over the last eight weeks, District General Chairs, along with negotiating team members, have been visiting all locations and centers to answer questions and concerns of the tentative agreement. The members were given the opportunity to cast their vote for the tentative agreement and those votes were … Read More...