IAM/Southwest Airlines Tentative Agreement Station Visits Schedule

November 1, 2022 Louis Gilmore 0

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

The schedule for station visits has now been set for the new tentative agreement between the IAM and Southwest Airlines. Over the course of the next few weeks, your IAM District Lodge 142 Representatives will be visiting each location to explain the changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and give you, the membership, the opportunity to have your questions answered. Customer Representatives who work from home will have the opportunity to participate in a Zoom call on November 21 or 22, 2022.

Only members in good standing will be allowed to participate … Read More...

IAM/PSA Airlines 2022 Negotiations Update

September 30, 2022 Louis Gilmore 0


Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Negotiations resumed this week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with the Union and Company conducting the meetings virtually. Your entire negotiating committee was present as was the Company’s. We may conduct one additional meeting virtually before reverting to in-person meetings again. The virtual meetings have been beneficial in keeping the pace moving as we negotiate our way through the economic piece of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

During this week, successive passes were made on the remaining economic articles: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, … Read More...

IAM/Southwest Airlines Contract Ratification Update

May 28, 2022 Admin 0

May 27, 2022

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Assuring to keep you, the dedicated membership, informed, engaged and participating in the ongoing work of the campaign to secure a Collective Bargaining Agreement that will uphold and strengthen the fight for dignity and respect for our families through the labor of our workers, we are planning the following engagement opportunities:

  • Personal phone calls.
  • Group meetings via the Zoom platform with Stewards and the general membership.
  • Sub-committees to develop and execute deeper discussions of the direction the Negotiating Committee will head.

To ensure your individual voice is heard in the workplace, we must … Read More...

Southwest Airlines Members Reject Agreement

May 12, 2022 Admin 0

May 7, 2022

Sisters and Brothers,

Our members have spoken and the contract was rejected with an overwhelming majority vote to authorize the union to strike. We would like to thank everyone who voted and your Negotiating Committee for their hard work during this process.

Your leadership will be meeting in the coming days to determine the best path forward for the future of every IAM District Lodge 142 member at Southwest Airlines. Again, we appreciate your participation and patience during this democratic process.

John M. Coveny, Jr.



Southwest Airlines (WN) Ratification Vote

April 28, 2022 Admin 0

April 28, 2022

Via Email and Posting on All – IAM Bulletin Boards, IAM Websites (Do Not Use Company Equipment for Printing)

The IAM/Southwest Airlines CBA Tentative Agreement Ratification Vote will be held electronically only. No member will be going to voting polls in-person.  There will be no Local Lodge polls open.

  • Members eligible to vote with a IAM membership Card Number was mailed instructions on how to (1) register and (2) access his/her electronic ballot. On the front of the mailing envelope, below the member’s name and mailing address, is the member’s Card/Book Number.
  • Eligible members

Negotiations Continue in Houston

April 16, 2022 Admin 0

April 16, 2022

This week, the IAM District 141 Negotiations Committee and United Airlines continued negotiations in Houston, Texas. Both parties exchanged proposals and responded to open items regarding issues in Articles 1, 4, and 10 in the collective bargaining agreements.

While we hoped to be much further along in this expedited negotiations process, we achieved incremental progress this week. We again reiterated to the Company that IAM-represented workers at United Airlines deserve the industry’s best agreements.

Negotiations will continue the week of April 25th.

In Solidarity,

Your District 141 Negotiating Committee

Olu Ajetomobi
Joe Bartz
Victor Hernandez
Barb Martin…

IAM / Southwest Airlines TA Informational Meetings Changes and Additions

April 14, 2022 Admin 0

April 14, 2022

Brothers and Sisters:

Your Negotiating Committee and Stewards from across the USA continue to visit locations on the Southwest Airlines system. These Informational Meetings provide an opportunity for you to ask questions and get answers regarding the Tentative Agreement (TA) reached between District Lodge 142 and Southwest Airlines. Please take note of the following changes and additions to the Southwest Airlines Tentative Agreement Informational Meetings:

April 19
April 20
April 25
April 26
April 26
April 27
April 28
April 28
April 28
April 29


1300 –

Image of PSA - IAM Negotiations Logo

IAM / PSA Airlines 2022 Negotiations Update

April 8, 2022 Admin 0

April 8, 2022

Dear Sisters and Brothers:Negotiations resumed this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with in-person meetings taking place at the Local Lodge 1725 facility in CLT (Charlotte). The full committees for the Union and the Company were present at this meeting.

With the pace we have had thus far, it has allowed to us to get through around 80% of the non-economic proposals with TA’s having been reached in Articles 9, 12, 13, 22, 23, 26 & 27. Of the remaining non-economic portions of the CBA left, Article 10 was a primary focus this week. Dialogue amongst both … Read More...

IAM/Southwest Airlines TA Road Show FAQ

April 6, 2022 Admin 0

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

As your Union representatives are working diligently to assist you with understanding the vital information contained within the IAMAW/Southwest Airlines TA, we wanted to share some questions from the voices of the membership.  The questions below may be info you, too, may have wanted to ask.

1Q. Are there any protections for part-time status beyond the 120 bid limits?

A. All MOT assignments outside the bid shift will count towards the 32-hour cap including part-shift time extensions.

2Q. Is the ‘Me Too’ agreement part of this Agreement?

A. Yes, there is a ‘Me Too’ clause for … Read More...

IAM/Southwest TA Informational Meetings

April 1, 2022 Admin 0

April 1, 2022

Brothers and Sisters:

Your Negotiating Committee and Stewards from across the USA will be visiting each location on the Southwest Airlines system. These Informational Meetings will provide an opportunity for you to ask questions and get answers regarding the Tentative Agreement (TA) reached between District Lodge 142 and Southwest Airlines. Refer to the Informational Meeting Schedule on the following pages.

The ratification date for ALL LOCATIONS will be Thursday, May 5, 2022 (time to be determined). Please note, only members in good standing are able to vote on any Tentative Agreement.

Once again, your Negotiating Committee recommends a YES