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Dear Sisters and Brothers:

The schedule for station visits has now been set for the new tentative agreement between the IAM and Southwest Airlines. Over the course of the next few weeks, your IAM District Lodge 142 Representatives will be visiting each location to explain the changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and give you, the membership, the opportunity to have your questions answered. Customer Representatives who work from home will have the opportunity to participate in a Zoom call on November 21 or 22, 2022.

Only members in good standing will be allowed to participate in the tentative agreement ratification vote. The vote will be done electronically. The full details for the ratification vote, including dates, times and how to login and vote will be posted soon.

Your District Lodge 142 Negotiating Committee unanimously recommends a YES vote on this tentative agreement. Please see the schedule below for the station visits schedule including the Zoom schedule for at home Customer Representatives and plan accordingly.

Oct 31MCO0900-1700
Oct 31TUL1000-1400
Oct 31MSP1100-1600
Oct 31CLT1000-1400
Nov 1TPA0900-1700
Nov 1PHX0900-1700
Nov 1OKC1000-1400
Nov 1BZN1100-1500
Nov 1BUF1000-1400
Nov 1CHS1100-1400
Nov 1PNS1000-1400
Nov 2SRQ1000-1600
Nov 2MKE1000-1400
Nov 2BOI1100-1500
Nov 2LIT1100-1500
Nov 2GSP1100-1500
Nov 2VPS1000-1400
Nov 3RSW1000-1700
Nov 3SEA0900-1500
Nov 3ORD0900-1500
Nov 3COS1000-1400
Nov 3SAT0900-1600
Nov 3MYR1100-1600
Nov 3ECP1000-1400
Nov 4PBI0900-1500
Nov 4PDX0900-1500
Nov 4MDW0900-1800
Nov 4DEN0900-1800
Nov 4AUS0800-1500
Nov 4PHL1000-1400
Nov 7FLL0900-1700
Nov 7SAN0900-1700
Nov 7OMA0800-1300
Nov 7HRL1000-1400
Nov 7ALB1000-1500
Nov 8MIA1000-1600
Nov 8SJC0900-1600
Nov 8ELP0900-1400
Nov 8CRP1000-1400
Nov 8ISP1000-1400
Nov 8CLE0900-1500
Nov 9JAX1100-1500
Nov 9OAK0900-1700
Nov 9AMA1100-1600
Nov 9LBB1100-1300
Nov 9LGA0900-1600
Nov 9CMH0900-1500
Nov 10BOS0900-1500
Nov 10SFO0900-1400
Nov 10HQ0900-1500
Nov 10HOU0900-1700
Nov 10ORF1000-1500
Nov 10CVG1000-1400
Nov 11BWI0900-1700
Nov 11BHM1000-1500
Nov 11IAH1000-1700
Nov 11IND1000-1700
Nov 14SJU0900-1500
Nov 14SLC0900-1500
Nov 14DAL1200-1800
Nov 14IAD1000-1400
Nov 14RIC1200-1500
Nov 15TUS1000-1400
Nov 15DAL0900-1400
Nov 15MSY0900-1600
Nov 15DCA0900-1500
Nov 15JAN0900-1300
Nov 21ZOOM0700-0900 EASTERN
Nov 21ZOOM1100-1300 EASTERN
Nov 21ZOOM1500-1700 EASTERN
Nov 21ZOOM1900-2100 EASTERN
Nov 22ZOOM0700-0900 EASTERN
Nov 22ZOOM1100-1300 EASTERN
Nov 22ZOOM1500-1700 EASTERN
Nov 22ZOOM1900-2100 EASTERN
Nov 28PVD1000-1400
Nov 28LAX1000-1800
Nov 28MAF1000-1400
Nov 28ABQ1000-1500
Nov 28SYR1200-1600
Nov 29LGB0900-1500
Nov 29MCI0900-1500
Nov 29LAS0900-1700
Nov 30MHT1000-1500
Nov 30SNA0900-1500
Nov 30STL0900-1700
Nov 30SDF1100-1600
Dec 1BDL1000-1500
Dec 1ONT0800-1400
Dec 1ICT1200-1600
Dec 1GRR1000-1400
Dec 1RDU1100-1600
Dec 2PIT1000-1600
Dec 2BNA0900-1700
Dec 2DTW1000-1400
Dec 2MEM1000-1400
Dec 5BLI1000-1300
Dec 5ITO1000-1300
Dec 6SAV0900-1300
Dec 6SMF0900-1600
Dec 6ROC1000-1400
Dec 6KOA1000-1400
Dec 7SBA1000-1400
Dec 7OGG0900-1500
Dec 8ATL0900-1700
Dec 8BUR0900-1500
Dec 8GEG0900-1300
Dec 8LIH0900-1300
Dec 9PSP1000-1400
Dec 9FAT1000-1300
Dec 9HNL0900-1500

With best wishes we remain

Sincerely and fraternally,

John M. Coveny, Jr.
President-Directing General Chair

Oralia “Lollie” Beecher
General Chair

April Butler
General Chair

Kenny Champagne
General Chair

Lorraine Fraser
General Chair

Carrie Lessley
General Chair



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