IAM Air Transport District Lodge 142 Notice of Nominations and Elections for Exeutive Officers.

September 7, 2022 Louis Gilmore 0
  1. Nominations for these offices can be made at a special meeting of your Local Lodge on Friday, September 23, 2022. In the event members of your local nominate more candidates than 1-President-Directing General Chair, 1-Secretary-Treasurer, 14-General Chairs, 1-Vice President – Alaska Airlines, 1-Vice President – American Airlines, 1-Vice President – Hawaiian Airlines, 1-Vice President – McGee Air Services, 1-Vice President – Southwest Airlines, 2-Vice Presidents – At-Large and/or 3-Trustees, there shall be a Local Lodge endorsement vote on Friday, October 28, 2022. Finally, if more candidates than 1-President-Directing General Chair, 1-Secretary-Treasurer, 14-General Chairs, 1-Vice President – Alaska Airlines,

May 24th, 2022. National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day

May 24, 2022 Admin 0

May 24, 2022

IAMAW is proud to represent our many skilled aviation maintenance technicians – and today, especially, we want to recognize those members of Victory Lodge 1725 who keep our air travel safe around the clock.

You’ll find our AMT’s working in the American Airlines and PSA hangars, on the flight line, and other support shops on and off the property.

Thank you, brothers and sisters for keeping our aircraft safe and secure. Enjoy your day!… Read More...

DL 142

DL 142 Scholarship Competition — 2022

April 23, 2022 Admin 0

April 22, 2022

Sisters and Brothers:

This letter is to announce the Year 2022 competition for the District Lodge 142 Scholarship Program.

This program is based on a scholarship competition open to members of District Lodge 142 and all Year 2022 graduating high school seniors who are legal children of members of District Lodge 142.

APPLY TODAY: Click here for the scholarship application.

To effectively carry out this program, all affiliated Local Lodges are requested to:

  1. Distribute info concerning the scholarship programs to all Local Lodge members who are affiliated with District Lodge 142.
  2. Make available to all such

Edison Fraser Appointed IAM Air Transport Territory Chief of Staff

April 15, 2022 Admin 0

April 14, 2022

IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. has appointed Edison Fraser, currently, IAM Transportation Coordinator, to serve as IAM Air Transport Territory Chief of Staff. The creation of the Air Transport Territory, which will be led by Richard Johnsen, and the appointment of Fraser are effective May 1, 2022.

Fraser, a 19-year IAM member, has served as Transportation Coordinator since June 2021. Under the leadership of Johnsen and Fraser, the new Air Transport Territory will continue with the progress made toward securing strong contracts, organizing new members, increasing membership communications, and fighting for increased staffing and other … Read More...

True Meaning of Unionism

April 11, 2022 Admin 0

April 11, 2022

Sisters and Brothers who stand together to demand the respect each worker deserves and raise the collective standard of living for all workers. This is the sole purpose of the Association. We, as a team, the IAM and the TWU, joined together in 2015 and became the Association. We have demonstrated the true meaning of Unionism ever since.

The Association is responsible for fighting for and negotiating our industry leading contract with American Airlines which includes the highest wages, strongest scope clause and best overall benefits package. Together, we were instrumental in supporting every member through the … Read More...

Richard Johnsen to Become General Vice President of New IAM Air Transport Territory

April 8, 2022 Admin 0

April 7, 2022

The IAM Executive Council has taken action to create an IAM Air Transport Territory, consisting of all IAM air transport members in the United States. Richard Johnsen, currently IAM Chief of Staff to the International President, will join the IAM Executive Council as Air Transport General Vice President.

The creation of the IAM Air Transport Territory, which will include IAM District 141 and IAM District 142, and the appointment of Johnsen as General Vice President, are both effective May 1, 2022.

The IAM, representing more than 100,000 air transport members, is the largest air transport union … Read More...

IAM District Lodge 142 Trusteeship Hearing Update

March 17, 2022 Admin 0

March 17, 2022

Dear Sisters and Brothers of IAM District Lodge 142,

On February 16, 2022, a Special Trial Committee, comprised of three uninvolved IAM officers, conducted a hearing pertaining to the trusteeship of District Lodge 142. On March 15, the Special Trial Committee submitted its recommendation to the IAM International President to continue trusteeship of District Lodge 142. On March 17, the International President concurred with the decision to continue trusteeship, as seen in correspondence in the enclosed letter.

District Lodge 142 will continue moving forward to operate in a financially solvent manner in accordance with the … Read More...

DL 142

District Lodge 142 Looks to Future with New Leadership

February 4, 2022 Admin 0

February 4, 2022

After an extensive interview process, IAM District Lodge 142 is moving forward with several new leaders in the air transport district. All appointments have been made under the current District Lodge 142 Trusteeship.

John Coveny, a 33-year IAM member who had served as a District Lodge 142 General Chair, has been appointed District Lodge 142 President and Directing General Chair. Joe Shultz, a 27-year IAM member who most recently served as a District Lodge 142 Trustee, has been appointed District Lodge 142 Secretary-Treasurer.

District Lodge 142 also welcomes Oralia Beecher as a General Chair; … Read More...

IAM District Lodge 142 Trusteeship and Suspension of District Lodge 142 Elections

January 26, 2022 Admin 0

January 26, 2022

Dear Sisters and Brothers of IAM District Lodge 142,

As seen in the District Lodge 142 Trusteeship letter attachedthe upcoming elections are suspended for ONLY District Lodge 142 President/Directing General Chair, Vice Presidents, Trustee and General Chairs positions until further notice.

For Local Lodges represented by both District Lodge 142 and District Lodge 141, please know that District 141 elections will continue per the election notices. In addition, all Local Lodge elections will continue as posted per your Local Lodge bylaws. All regular meetings scheduled for Local Lodges and its affiliates, such as those … Read More...