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April 11, 2022

Sisters and Brothers who stand together to demand the respect each worker deserves and raise the collective standard of living for all workers. This is the sole purpose of the Association. We, as a team, the IAM and the TWU, joined together in 2015 and became the Association. We have demonstrated the true meaning of Unionism ever since.

The Association is responsible for fighting for and negotiating our industry leading contract with American Airlines which includes the highest wages, strongest scope clause and best overall benefits package. Together, we were instrumental in supporting every member through the pandemic with iron clad job and station protection language that protected every member’s job.

The Association bylaws call for a Representation Committee tasked to resolve issues that affect the membership and to protect the language we fought so hard to achieve. That process was rolling along quite well, until some TWU local representatives fell back to their old habits of division between the line, base and Title 2. The IAM stood tall with TUL base, and their president, to ensure that we are all treated equally.  However, the local 591 president would not support his brothers and sisters in base, and officially resigned from the Representation Committee. Local 514 hid behind local 591 even after being cast to the side by them and conceded on their issue., This directly affected the membership from 514. With 591 no longer participating in the Representation Committee the company would no longer deal with the Committee directly to solve the issues before us and they began to play us against each other, even with this major obstacle, we continue to represent our membership daily.

Today, we are faced with a few individuals who continue to promote division – putting everything we have fought for in jeopardy. They are doing this by the same tactics used by AMFA and AMP – misinforming you, the members. They claim they can oust the IAM, claim they can represent you better than the Association, claim that IAM members are asking in droves to become TWU members instead of Association members, claim they will take it to the AFL-CIO to dissolve the Association, and promise you a vote that cannot take place.

Under the Association Constitution, the NMB rules and the AFL-CIO Constitution, none of these things can be accomplished. This rogue maneuver by a few disgruntled local officers is not being directed or supported by the International leadership.  The International understands that it took every member to carry us to the winner circle in negotiations.  The International’s silence screams the truth: they value a unified team of 30,000 fighting for the good of the entire membership, not a fragmented elitist group.

Together, the Association produced the best contract in the industry.  We demand respect and fair wages through the power of 30,000 unified members, not through selfish actions by a few rouge members. When management smells division, they exploit it.  So, let’s stay strong.  Tell these three to take their smoke and mirrors along with their cards and step aside so we can get back to the business of demanding dignity and industry leading benefits for all our members.  With best wishes I remain

Sincerely and fraternally,

John M. Coveny, Jr.


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