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Labor Walk 2018



Southern Piedmont Central Labor Council

Our mission is to build an independent political power for working people by driving a pro-worker legislative agenda, electing pro-worker candidates including our own members to office, holding elected officials accountable, and winning policies on all levels to help working people.

To achieve our goal the “we” must be all of us. If all of us work together, we can build a movement that is constantly growing and full inclusive.

  • We must increase affiliate participation in our political program so that we move more union members to vote and support our endorsed candidates.
  • We must work to significantly expand the electorate and voter participation by supporting non-partisan voter registration and GOTV efforts.
  • Make strategic assessments of target races where we can concentrate our resources and win
  • Campaign for our candidates via union membership activism via Labor Walks and phone banks.

Note: Please click here to read Maureen Kelly’s report on this year’s NC State AFL-CIO Convention.

Sebastian Feculak Field Program Coordinator NC State AFL-CIO giving instruction for canvassing at Labor Walk


SPCLC members gearing up for Labor Walk with MaryBe McMillan


Fundraiser for Kathy Manning


Kathy Manning thanking volunteers at Labor Walk


Salisbury Labor Walk Union volunteers


Stating the obvious


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