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President’s Report

Currently Victory Lodge 1725 members at both PSA and American Airlines (AA) have negotiating committees that are deep into the difficult process of securing new collective bargaining agreements on behalf of our members. After many frustrating and fruitless efforts to get PSA to bring a legitimate and acceptable offer to the table, the IAM petitioned the National Mediation Board (NMB) to step in and assist with bringing these negotiations to a successful conclusion. As a result, on August 3rd the NMB assigned a case number and mediator to these negotiations. At the American Airlines-TWU/IAM Association negotiations, on July 19th , the American Airlines negotiating committee presented its initial proposal covering the remaining articles to your Executive Committee. It was an offer that fell far, far short of meeting the standards of the industry leading contract that our members deserve.

Both PSA and American Airlines are failing our members with their needlessly inadequate offers. As a result, they are challenging our members patience and resolve along the way. To be clear, our patience is running out but our resolve to fight for what is right is not. Now is the time to show both PSA and American Airlines that our solidarity is strong and getting stronger with every delay. As these negotiations move forward we must make absolutely sure that the value that our members bring to both airlines operations day in and day out is not underestimated by either PSA or American Airlines. We must continue to support our negotiating teams by staying informed and sticking together. If we do these things then we can prevail in achieving the contracts that we have earned and deserve.




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