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In the past few weeks I have had meetings and phone conversations with members of the leadership teams from the Charlotte chapters of both the APA (Allied Pilots Association) and APFA (Association of Professional Flight Attendants). These meetings were very productive and illuminated many of the common issues our respective unions face in our dealings with American Airlines.

Several common themes emerged from these discussions. First, it is clear, that American Airlines does not single out any one group for disrespect or mistreatment. It treats all its labor groups with contempt.

Second, at least on a local level, I hope to continue growing the collaboration between our different unions in supporting each other to get American Airlines to treat our members with respect. American Airlines must acknowledge on every level the contributions we make in helping to achieve this airline’s incredible financial success. We are stronger when we stand together, and our collaboration should be a growing concern for American Airlines. They must get the message that their approach to labor relations has to change or it will be the downfall of this airline.

I know that some members are growing frustrated by how long the negotiating process is taking but we must stay strong. We must stay united in our fight to get the contract that we have earned. Turn your frustration towards the company because they are the ones dragging this process out, not the union. The Association has repeatedly said that they will meet anytime, anywhere, and for as long as it takes to get a deal done.

We will get through this and we will prevail, but only if we all stand together in solidarity.

Having said that, please do not let any of this be a distraction to you while you are on the job. Be careful. Be vigilant. Please be sure to follow the ROM (Ramp Operations Manual), GPM (General Procedures Manual), etc. as well as all applicable aircraft maintenance manuals TO THE LETTER! No exceptions. No deviations.

Be sure to take the extra time you need to make sure that your task is being done as safely as possible.

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