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When you walked in today you may have noticed a different seating arrangement and thought, what the hell is he up to?  You thought right, the Executive board and I have noticed just like many of you have noticed that a division of the house is in front of us.  One way we have decided to deal with this is to remove the center isle that divided everyone.  The new seating arrangement is an example of how our group can be united and how we as members of Victory Lodge 1725 need to be.  We should be joined together as one in our own house so we can fight as one in the work place for the safety and respect that we deserve.  Now with that being said, it doesn’t mean we can’t disagree on things or question each other, but we will do it respectfully.  If we can do this in the house that was built for us, that will make our voice 100% stronger and louder together as we fight for our rights. Our membership deserves the best contract and to achieve that, we together must put our best foot forward and stand “AS ONE”.

Coming together is the beginning;

Staying together is progress;

Working together is success;

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