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President’s Report

“The Union.” I hear that phrase used a lot by our members.  ”The Union did this.” “Why hasn’t the Union hasn’t done that.” “The Union said this…” etcetera, etcetera. It makes it sound as if The Union is comprised by anonymous people in some faraway place.

Here’s the thing. The Union is not comprised by anonymous people in some faraway place. The Union, your union, is made up of people that you know and work with every day. You share the same break rooms with them and work on the same ramp, shop, or hangar as them. It is made up of people that understand that without active participation by the rank and file that there would be no union. They clearly understand that involvement in the union is the only way to ensure that we maintain and enjoy the working conditions, benefits and standard of living that we all have today.

Victory Lodge 1725’s officers, it’s executive board, and committee chairs are all active full-time employees of their respective airlines. We, along with you, are the union. So, in the future if you hear that phrase “the union” or use it yourself in a discussion, remember that the union is not some group of anonymous people in faraway places but is made up of you and your coworkers. Together we are all the union.



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