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Work Safe.  Those two words are more important than ever right now for the American Airlines members of Victory Lodge 1725. Aviation is a very unforgiving industry when it comes to mistakes. With all the different distractions that we deal with at work, the state of our current contract negotiations for example, it is critical, that each and every one of us is as methodical, diligent, and focused as possible on safety.

Be sure to follow the ROM (Ramp Operations Manual), GPM (General Procedures Manual), etc. as well as all applicable aircraft maintenance manuals TO THE LETTER! No exceptions. No deviations. Take the extra time you need to make sure that your task is being done as safely as it can be done. 

Do not let distractions, be it the contract talks, or the Summer heat cause you to make a mistake. We owe it to ourselves, our co-workers, our passengers and our crew.  Double down on working safe!  

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