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This past Monday I watched the college football national championship. It was a great game played by two great teams. These teams were there because they excel at the most critical phase of the game. It’s not defense, offense, or special teams. It’s recruiting. Those games are won and lost in recruiting.

It occurred to me that the same is true for unions only we do not call that phase of our game recruiting. We call it organizing and just like in college football, it is crucial to our success.

We recruit/organize externally by trying to get workers who do not have union representation to join our union and we recruit/organize internally by continuing to educate our coworkers about the benefits of our union and about the importance of being an active member of that union.

To continue the success LL 1725 enjoys, we must excel in recruiting/organizing.  I would like to challenge everyone reading this to think about a fellow coworker who is not currently in anyway involved in our union but who you feel would be an asset as an active union member. I want you to make it a personal challenge to get them involved in some way. Whether it is getting them to start attending union meetings, becoming a shop steward, or participating as a volunteer in any of our events, think of a way to recruit them into becoming an active member. Our union’s continued success starts with your success in this challenge. Thank you.

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