Renaissance West STEAM Academy Pizza Day

September 27, 2022 Louis Gilmore 0

Members of the Local Lodge Community Service Committee and Executive board delivered a pizza party to the students of Renaissance West today. The classes that held perfect attendance and full participation in last weeks spirit week got to have a pizza party for lunch. This small but kind gesture speaks to the motto of the IAM, “Justice on the job and service to the community”.


1725 Retirement Celebration 2022

September 8, 2022 Louis Gilmore 0

On Wednesday September 7th the Local had a celebration for all of our recent retirees from the last three years. It was amazing to see so many familiar faces and to share stories from proud union members that have spanned the many transitions of the aviation industry. Check out the photo gallery to see the wonderful time had by all.

Photo Credit to Barbara Voyce and Lou Gilmore…

IAM Air Transport District Lodge 142 Notice of Nominations and Elections for Exeutive Officers.

September 7, 2022 Louis Gilmore 0
  1. Nominations for these offices can be made at a special meeting of your Local Lodge on Friday, September 23, 2022. In the event members of your local nominate more candidates than 1-President-Directing General Chair, 1-Secretary-Treasurer, 14-General Chairs, 1-Vice President – Alaska Airlines, 1-Vice President – American Airlines, 1-Vice President – Hawaiian Airlines, 1-Vice President – McGee Air Services, 1-Vice President – Southwest Airlines, 2-Vice Presidents – At-Large and/or 3-Trustees, there shall be a Local Lodge endorsement vote on Friday, October 28, 2022. Finally, if more candidates than 1-President-Directing General Chair, 1-Secretary-Treasurer, 14-General Chairs, 1-Vice President – Alaska Airlines,

Active Shooter Survival Training

August 31, 2022 Louis Gilmore 0

On Tuesday August 30th members participated in an active shooter survival training presented by CMPD. Lieutenant LeBraun Evans gave a very insightful presentation on the training that anyone can do in order to increase our chance of survival rate in this type of situation. The one thing that stood out for me is maintaining overall situational awareness. We must always be present and observant of our surroundings, and if something doesn’t look or feel right chances are they aren’t. CMPD offers this training free of charge all over the Mecklenburg county area. You can contact Officer Johnathan Frisk via … Read More...

Time To Celebrate Our Retirees!!!

August 22, 2022 Louis Gilmore 0

Victory Loge 1725 is Elated to to host an event to celebrate our retirees. We have had a vast number of our members hang up their kneepads and lock their tool boxes over the last few years, and due to the pandemic we weren’t able to adequately celebrate these sisters and bothers. The time has come to rectify that and show these members how impactful their service has been in our local. The event will take place on Wednesday September 7th from 11am-7pm at The Red Fez Shrine Club Lake Wylie. We ask that all who plan to attend to … Read More...

2022 Bylaws Vote Results

August 22, 2022 Louis Gilmore 0

The results of the bylaw vote are as follows:



Thank you to all members that came out to cast their votes. Feel free to post on all union boards.… Read More...