Political Training Class at Winpisinger

May 7, 2018 Admin 0

Victory Lodge 1725’s MNPL Committee Chair Maureen Kelly attended the recent Political Training Class at Winpisinger. This class benefited Guide Dogs of America.

Here are a couple of pictures from the class!!

From left: Abigail Mejia LL1930, Tim Owens LL660, Maureen Kelly LL1725, Andrew Davis LL1432, Jim McKenzie LL751C, Tony Gibson DL141AGC , front row: Brandi, Derek Cearley LL776B.








Winning group, new record setting of MNPL fundraiser at Political Training 2018. From left: Tony Gibson DL141AGC, Derek Cearley LL776B, Jim McKenzie LL751C, Maureen Kelly LL1725, Abigail Mejia LL1930, Tim Owens LL660,
in front: