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Sunday, June 10th, 2018 was the official 75th Anniversary of Victory Lodge 1725. The weeklong celebration culminated with a brunch at the DoubleTree in Charlotte. Our members were treated to a fantastic brunch menu (did someone say Bloody Mary’s).

75th Anniversary Committee member Mary Goettl spoke to us about the history of our lodge and welcomed Former Lodge Presidents Bob Bynum and Bill Wise who were in attendance. Both were recognized for their years of service to our lodge and the legacies they have left for us to follow. Bill Wise then introduced Bob Bynum after which Bob spoke to us about his years as President. Anniversary Committee member and vl1725.org webmaster Todd Day introduced Bill Wise to our members with his own memories of years past when Bill led us through some of the toughest, most challenging times our Lodge ever faced. After Bill spoke to us again he was surprised by Mary Goettl who informed him (and us) that our Lodge Meeting Hall was now officially known as “Wise Hall.” Bill was presented with the wall plaque to commemorate the occasion.

Thanks go out to everyone who attended, especially our former Presidents who honored us with their presence.

Check out Louis Gilmore’s photo gallery here!


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