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September 2, 2019

“Labor Day is the time to celebrate our union and the quality of life improvements it has afforded us. Unions are more important now than ever. Corporations are only dedicated to their bottom line, with little regard for the workers whose hard work on which they were built. Employers are trying to shed responsibilities about providing good health insurance, pension coverage, job safety protections while making workers’ jobs and incomes less secure through downsizing, part-timing and outsourcing work. Working people need a voice on the job to keep employers from making our jobs look like they used to with sweatshop conditions and unlivable wages.

 The Machinists Union is proud that one of our members founded Labor Day. Today, our IAM-represented transportation workers continue the tradition established by our forefathers over 100 years ago. On behalf of the Transportation Department, I thank you for all your hard work and dedication, and wish everyone a Happy Labor Day.” 

General Vice President, Sito Pantoja

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