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September 30, 2019

District 141 Legislative and MNPL Director Dave Roderick introduced the first MNPL 141 Club Awards to union activists who support legislation and public advocacy work that improves workplaces.

The awards were presented on the second day of the 2019 International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers District 141 Committee Conference, held this week in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Among those honored were airline workers from Charlotte, North Carolina, who raised more than $9,000 in voluntary donations for the Machinists Union’s legislative and political work. Victory Lodge 1725 was also recognized earlier this month by the North Carolina AFL-CIO with the PR Latta Award for its outstanding advocacy on behalf of American Airlines workers.

Representatives of Charlotte Local 1725 and 141 MNPL

President Craig Vanderhoof accepted the award alongside representatives from Victory Lodge 1725 and Assistant General Chairs Mike Baskett and Mike Fairbanks.

The awards ceremony was one of the highlights of the conference, which assembles unionized airline workers from 5 airlines. Delegates at the conference represent more than 40 thousand current and retired airline workers affiliated with the Machinists Union.

The annual Committee Conference is an opportunity for elected union representatives to share ideas, network, and debate the priorities of airline workers in the United States.

Also honored at the conference was Denver Local 1886, which raised nearly $16 thousand for the political fund. Local 1886 MNPL Chairman Jim Stellini, Instructor Mark Chavez, District 141 Special Rep Terri Crandall and AGC Richie Robinson accepted the award on behalf of the members.

Representatives from Denver Local 1487

Top honors went to Chicago’s Local 1487, which raised $26,600 last year. Among those present to receive the award were Chicago Committee Chairman Craig Krzewina and Recording Secretary Greg Klewjewski, and District 141 Assistant General Chairs Mike Quartuccio and Laura Stone.

Overall, members of District 141 contributed $133,000 to the Machinists Non-Partisan Political League in 2018.

Representatives of Chicago Local 1487

The Machinists Union was instrumental in pushing lawmakers to adopt stronger protections for airline customer service agents, longer rest periods for flight attendants, better in-flight security, and critical pension protections for airline workers. MNPL donations also support legislative work that succeeded in preventing air carriers from considering household credit scores when making employment decisions. Other public policy concerns included stopping proposed policies to force airport workers to stand in TSA Security lines instead of using employee entrances as they go to work each day.

The Machinists Non-Partisan Political League is funded entirely through voluntary donations from members of the IAM and their families. No union dues are used for campaign contributions or political lobbying work. To become a contributing member of the IAM141 MNPL, visit IAM141.org/MNPL and sign up to make a recurring donation of any amount.

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