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January 16, 2021

With the recent approval of the Payroll Support Program (PSP2), we have been working to make sure Association represented employees who were impacted in the October reductions are recalled in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreements. After several discussions with American Airlines management, your Association Leadership has been informed that, beginning Tuesday, January 19, 2021, notices for Article (6) preferential recall will be sent via FedEx to those members who were reduced, displaced, bumped or furloughed.

A few key highlights that members need to be aware of:

  • This recall process was not a given and several hours were spent by the Association Leadership working to make sure all affected Association represented employees are recalled to their station in accordance with Article (6) of their Collective Bargaining Agreement where they had Station Protection.
  • Association represented employees who were affected under Article (6) and have remained active may accept preferential recall under Article (6) or they may decline such offer and stay in their current status, classification and location. However, by declining, they will forfeit their Article (6) preferential recall for any future openings.
  • Association represented employees who were affected under Article (6) and have accepted furlough will also receive preferential recall notices under Article (6). In some locations where furloughed members are being recalled, those furloughed members may choose a Voluntary Personal Leave of Absence (VPLOA), as described in the Collective Bargaining Agreements, where the Company determines the full recalled manpower is not operationally necessary. Such VPLOA is determined by the Company using Classification seniority of those who are recalled from furlough only.
  • Association represented employees who were affected under Article (6) from the Mechanic and Related or Material Logistics Specialists agreements from FLL and SJU will not be recalled at this time and will remain in their current status and location since the Company has determined they do not intend to reopen those two locations at this time.

Association Local & District leaders were briefed on many of these recall details on a conference call yesterday afternoon; however, at that time we did not yet have the date recall notices would be sent out. Please contact these leaders with any questions you may have. We hope this information is helpful and want to thank our members for their solidarity and in welcoming all of these members back to their home stations.

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