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We wanted to update you on the status of the Tech Ops ASAP during the government shutdown in order to alleviate any concerns you might have.  If you have submitted an ASAP report in the last few weeks and you haven’t received a response from the Tech Ops ASAP Event Review Committee (ERC), do not be alarmed. The members that constitute the Tech Ops ASAP ERC represent the TWU/IAM, AA, and the FAA. For the interim of the federal government shutdown, the FAA will not be able to participate in the ASAP process. However, the TWU/IAM safety team and the AA ASAP Manager will continue to review all ASAP reports submitted and ensure reported hazards are actioned through the established AA Safety Management System.  Any delays in processing submitted ASAP reports during this time will not have any impact on the treatment of the ASAP reports or the protections provided by the ASAP program.

We encourage you to continue to submit ASAP reports for any possible CFR violations and any general or specific safety concerns.

Please direct any concerns to your TWU/IAM ASAP representative.

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