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July 17, 2020

Sisters and Brothers,

This year has been an emotional rollercoaster and stressful year for all of us. We have experienced periods of high stress coupled with periods of good news. Contentious contract talks, ratified contract, COVID 19, CARES Act passes, pandemic resurges and now the WARN notices. We know that stress is cumulative and any life issues we are experiencing do not go away while we are dealing with adverse industry conditions. The fact that certain aspects of the pandemic and how serious it is have become politicized may lead to stressful situations. We all bring our own life story and unique individual circumstances into our current work environment. For some members this can become overwhelming.

One area where we absolutely excel is watching out for and taking care of each other. If you would like to talk with someone your EAP is here for you. If you see a fellow Brother or Sister who appears to be having a difficult time, please remind them they do not have to go it alone. If they are reluctant to ask for help, we can reach out to them. We would rather call a hundred members who really do not need our help than leave one member to suffer alone.

Take Care and Stay Safe
Ken Morse AA TWU Tech Ops EAP Director 815-483-8585
Mark Scroggins AA TWU FSC EAP Director 817-800-2623
Chris Davis DL 141 EAP Director 704-572-4859
Paul Shultz DL 142 EAP Director 704-907-3563

We recognize that these are tough and stressful times. Life does not have many guarantees but we can guarantee that excessive drinking or drug use will NOT fix or solve any of life’s problems. If possible, concentrate on the good things in your life and take good care of yourself through healthy eating, exercise and sleep.

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