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Dear Brother and Sisters,

The Charlotte area Raising Wages NC coalition would like to invite you to join us in Raleigh on May 22nd for a statewide lobby day. We will be urging state legislators that the time to raise the minimum wage is past due. Can we count your organization to send folks? We will be organizing a carpool or bus depending on participation. Morning snacks and lunch will be provided.


Please register here: https://raisingwagesnc.org/


We are joining together across the state to raise the minimum wage in our state to $15 an hour in 5 years. There is a national movement rising across the country to raise wages to $15 an hour, and from coast to coast, it has scored big wins in places like Maine, Arkansas, Nebraska, New York, California, and Seattle. Now is the time for North Carolina to take bold action to build upon this momentum and raise the minimum wage in our state.


In Solidarity,

Ashley Hawkins




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