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November 23, 2020

As has been reported, your Union has met with Southwest management to discuss the continuance of the home agent program. It is important to understand that these discussions are not encumbered by the simultaneous negotiation for a new contract under the National Mediation Board procedures. The need for us to engage with Southwest over this matter was caused by the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting decisions to initiate work-at-home conditions.

The continuance of the home agent program is a stand-alone issue that can be discussed and potentially agreed to between the parties under language that has already existed in the collective bargaining agreement. It is the interest of your Union to secure proper working conditions, safety measures and expense coverage for our members if the program is to continue.

We will agree to meet with the company in an effort to find agreement on this program irrespective of the progress of contract negotiations. We will not delay in enforcing the protections our members currently have under their existing contract and in seeking proper conditions for those who may continue in the home agent program, if we are to find agreement for its continuance beyond the current crisis.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Dave Supplee


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