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The House of Representatives Needs to Vote YES on the 2018 FAA Reauthorization Bill H.R. 4!

The House of Representatives will be putting the FAA Reauthorization Bill H.R. 4 to a vote this Thursday, April 26th.  We need every IAM member to contact their House Representative and tell them to vote YES on H.R. 4.

H.R. 4 provides a minimum of 10 hours rest for Flight Attendants along with an FAA mandated Fatigue Risk Management Program.  Both of these protections are already provided to pilots. These provision are so greatly needed not only protect the safety of Flight Attendants but to protect passengers who rely on them during emergencies.

The FAA Reauthorization Bill also provides protections against assault on airline Customer Service Agents. It makes assault on a Customer Service Agent a felony, just like it is for Flight Attendants and pilots.  With airline travel frustrations at an all time high, this protection is necessary to ensure the safety of those who are simply showing up to do their jobs.

We need each of you along with your family and friends to call your representatives and demand that they provide airline workers with the protections that they deserve.

Sample Telephone Script:

“Hello, my name is ___________ and I live in ____________.  I’m a Flight Attendant/Customer Service Agent/Airline worker and proud Machinists Union member.  I’m calling to urge Representative ________________ to vote YES on the FAA Reauthorization bill to protect Flight Attendants from fatigue and Customer Service Agents from assault. Hopefully, airline workers can count on Representative ________________ support.”

By calling and letting Congress know we need their vote, we are simply doing what we do best, ensuring safety in aviation. It’s time to make history, not just for us but also to protect future generations of airline workers and passengers.

Your voice matters!   Let’s make sure they know the Fighting Machinists are fighting for what’s right!


In Solidarity,




Sara Gonzales




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