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February 15, 2017

Sisters and Brothers,

Jeff Butler responded to my membership report Monday regarding the Alaska- Virgin merger transition talks and tentative agreement.  While his remarks were filled with alternate facts, one thing he conveniently left out was that Alaska is trying to walk away from an agreement made with the IAM that protected the work of the combined Alaska-Virgin workforce.

I will be clear: IAM District Lodge 142 will utilize all resources available to us to defend the Alaska Airlines and Virgin America employees we represent.  If Alaska wants a merged airline where work is not protected and employees must continually fear their jobs are at risk, we shall resist.  If Alaska wants a merged airline where work and jobs are protected, they will have a willing partner.

Today is the day every Alaska and Virgin employee should use their voices to tell the company “NO” to outsourcing and demand parity.

A successful merger is within reach – all Alaska has to do is live up to its bargain.

Demand that they do!


Dave Supplee

President and Directing
General Chair


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