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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

In June of this year, the membership was advised that the TWU/IAM Associations had retained the services of Neutral Joshua Javits to create final integrated seniority lists. Shortly thereafter, Neutral Javits met with TWU/IAM negotiators and seniority committee members to receive their thoughts, input and guidance and then sent a communication to members requesting that they submit comments and information for his consideration during the fact-finding stage of the seniority integration process. Neutral Javits advises that he received 836 comments in total, many of which were lengthy and contained considerable detail, and that he is carefully reviewing all of the comments received. In addition, Neutral Javits has found it necessary to request some follow-up information from the Company in order to complete his work, and the Company is undertaking a review of its records in order to provide the requested information.

It is now anticipated that Neutral Javits will issue his Report and Recommendations and proposed seniority lists in the closing months of this year. Once the proposed lists are issued, affected employees will have 45 days to file in writing any protest they may have regarding their placement on the list. The Neutral will provide details regarding how to file a protest when the proposed lists are published. In addition, we will continue to update the membership as needed regarding the progress of the seniority integration process.


Timothy J. Klima                                                   Mike Mayes
Association Representative, IAM                  Association Representative, TWU


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