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I would like to take a minute and review what was a remarkable couple of weeks for your local back in August.

On August 21stthings got kicked off things when the Young Worker Committee held its first annual “Poker Night” fundraiser for GDA. They had a good turn out and, in the process, raised $750 for GDA.

Two days later August 23rd, your local lodge through the hard work of the Community Service, Young Workers, and Women’s Committees donated 550 drawstring bags with the IAM and Victory Lodge 1725’s logo printed on them. Before they handed them out they made sure each bag was filled with school supplies for the kids at Charlotte West Renaissance STEAM Academy. Those K thru 6 kids started off the school year on the right foot thanks to the hard work of the members of this lodge. I would like to give a special shout out to Helena Thornton for her efforts and they did not go unnoticed.  District 141 did a great write up on their website on what Helena and other members of your local accomplished that day. I also was told that District 142 will run coverage of Local Lodge 1725’s community service event in its printed newsletter “the 142 Messenger”.  Shortly after I was informed of that, the Grand Lodge picked up the story and ran it on their IAM’s website for every IAM member across this country to see.

Then on August 29than American Airlines contract update video was produced right here at your lodge with GC’s Mark Baskett and Sean Ryan providing not only our members, but Association members across the entire American Airlines system with important information about the state of their negotiations.

Finally, on September 1stmembers of your lodge participated in the CLT 2018 Labor Day parade. Our members and their families marched down the streets of Charlotte representing your local while joining other locals and unions in celebrating what Organized Labor is all about. A special shout out to Maureen Kelly and all of those members and their families that volunteered their time and energy in that event.




All of that in the span of 11 days.  That, my friends, is the definition of a thriving and active Local. A local that is out in front, a local that is leading the fight, a local that you and all our members should be proud of.  If you are not currently active in our local lodge, I want to encourage you to join our members in making a difference, be it in our local communities, our political process, or our fight for a better contract and with it a better future. Get involved!






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