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“I wanted to share with you a photo of the First Union Steward class that myself  and seven others attended this week ( Wednesday and Thursday) at our Local “Victory 1725 Lodge” in CLT.  This was a great class to be a part of.  We all learned about our IAM union and how we can be better stewards for our members, be better communicators, and help to build and strengthen a spirit of cooperation between the Union and Management.  

This course helped us define some objectives, and some of our different rolls and responsibilities as a steward.   I wanted to personally thank the PSA management team and our Local 1725 Lodge along with a special thanks to Jim Samual for working together to put this class together for our members.”

David Follmer

Maintenance Lead – Dayton

PSA Airlines

Top Row L-R: Daryl Current IAM instructor, Gabi Thomas DAY, John Bidoglio IAM instructor, Jeff May ORF, Steve Gabrovesk CAK, Daniel Clinton CLT
Bottom Row L-R: Scott Long GSP, Jeff Nelson CLT, Jim Samual IAM (General Chair), David Follmer DAY, Brandon Loy SAV

 Note: Please see the photo gallery of our class being sworn in by Local Lodge President Craig Vanderhoof HERE..

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