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IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. has appointed Richard Johnsen to serve as a Chief of Staff to the International President and to oversee the IAM Transportation Department. The appointment is effective immediately.

“I welcome Brother Johnsen into this new role as Chief of Staff and look forward to continuing to represent our airline and railroad membership with vigor and strength,” said Martinez. “As global travel ramps up and we begin emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, the IAM will lead the way in demanding fair and just treatment for the men and women who make our world move every day. I know that Brother Johnsen will not miss a beat while taking on these important responsibilities.”

Johnsen initiated into IAM Local 1781 in San Francisco in 1988 as a Mechanic Assistant for United Airlines. He served in many positions at the Local and District level and was appointed as Assistant General Chairperson for District 141M in 2000, then as a Grand Lodge Special Representative in 2001.

Johnsen served as a Transportation Grand Lodge Representative until becoming a Special Assistant to the International President in February 2021.

“I could not be more excited to take on this new role with the union I love so dearly,” said Johnsen. “I’m so grateful to International President Martinez and the Transportation Department staff and membership for this opportunity. We will seize this moment together to build on the progress made for our airline and railroad membership from coast to coast.”

The IAM Transportation Department represents the IAM’s airline and railroad members across the United States.

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