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One of the highlights, every year, of the January business meeting is the swearing in of new Shop Stewards. This year also saw the swearing in of the new Grievance Committees for Fleet Service and Maintenance & Related.

As our lodge grows in membership so do the numbers of shop stewards. We are proud of all our new and returning stewards who have dedicated themselves to serving our members in every capacity that they are able.

Likewise the swearing in of new Grievance Committees is an important milestone every two years. Our Grievance Committees count on the support of all our members as they pledge to support all members in turn.

See the gallery below for pictures from the lodge as well as several new stewards who were not able to attend the meeting and were sworn in later at the Maintenance Hangar by lodge Vice President Joe Behan.

New Grievance Committee Members:

Fleet Committee members Daryl Current (Chair), John “Rampthing” Wilkinson, Mike Knoble, Maintenance & Related Committee members: Kenny Geis (Chair), Joe Behan, Todd Day

New and Returning Shop Stewards:

Amazing group of new and returning stewards being sworn in by Local Lodge Vice President Joe Behan
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