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November 10, 2020

Since our last bulletin, as the Company has been talking concessions and furloughs, their negotiators have sought no meetings with our negotiators. We said earlier that they know an agreement can only be reached at the table, not through partial and misleading characterizations directly to employees. It seems they have no real interest in solving the last remaining issues to get to agreement.

Your Union’s position remains that all open articles, inclusive of an agreement resolving the abusive use of mandatory overtime, be satisfactorily met. The overtime crisis has not been seriously addressed by Southwest.

The proposal from the Company to use unlimited vendors at small and seasonal stations is unreasonable. It would erode our scope agreement (protection of our work) and would lead to many Southwest Warriors facing unnecessary layoffs. A home CS&S program without protection for those that cannot work from home and addressing the conditions for those who can is necessary if that is to be agreed upon.

The Company has demanded financial concessions from its employee work groups. The IAM represented employees have gone without raises while every other work group has taken them. Our financial contribution to the Company has been paid every payday, we have gone without a raise and continues until we do. Our contribution is in the bank. Southwest told our negotiators they were not looking to layoffs from our group and they should live up to that expectation.

Please feel free to contact your local management and supervisors and continue to tell them to negotiate with your Union, not on the work floor. An agreement is at their fingertips.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Dave Supplee


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