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November 2, 2020

Since our last bulletin, your negotiators have been ready at a moment’s notice to meet in an effort to find an agreement with Southwest management. The company has requested no future dates, nor have they responded to the demands of our members.  Instead, they have been wasting time misleading you, the members, that all your demands were met.  The Company negotiators know full well that an agreement can only be reached at the bargaining table, not by publicly distributing a one-sided version of their proposal.

As we have said and continue to say to Southwest – “it is time to get serious about reaching an agreement that is at your fingertips.”

At this critical and uncertain time, the expression of our membership’s solidarity has been amazing. We extend a thank you to all our members for the overwhelming support from your numerous positive emails and calls. It is clear that the employees of SWA stand together to protect their jobs now and in the future.

Please feel free to contact your local management and supervisors and continue to let them know; an agreement is at their fingertips.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Dave Supplee


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