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The open letter copy reads in full as follows:

As a consumer who cares about the way a company treats its workers, I am shocked to learn that American Airlines offshores so many important jobs.

I’m equally frustrated that you’ve found another sneaky way to cut costs, which could cause a potential hazard to flyers like me.

I urge you to put safety at a premium and live up to your reputation. Stop offshoring jobs and work with your mechanics to put customer safety first.

Thank you.

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Aircraft maintenance workers at American Airlines have been sounding the alarm about the safety implications of the company outsourcing repair and troubleshooting to countries with weaker safety and security protocols.

American Airlines is killing good American jobs and playing a dangerous game with the safety of passengers and workers alike. Workers are speaking up, and we need consumers, frequent flyers and other working people—like you—to stand in solidarity with us and hold American Airlines accountable for this shameful practice.

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Gambling with the safety of passengers and workers alike to maximize profit is not OK. American Airlines made $1.9 billion in profits last year and is still looking to contract out more of these crucial jobs.

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American outsources to countries where inspectors do not drop by to ensure safety measures are properly adhered to. This work is outsourced to many countries that do not require repair technicians to maintain any sort of certification and are not subject to employment screening. No wonder mechanics in Dallas have alleged that servicing planes abroad have led to some severe violations, like defective doors, expired oxygen canisters and even cracks on some parts of the engine fixtures that caused an American Airlines aircraft to crash in the past.1

There’s nothing “American” about cutting jobs and jeopardizing safety. Sign on to our open letter to demand that American Airlines stop putting corporate greed above safety and good jobs here at home.

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In Solidarity,



Christian Sweeney

Deputy Organizing Director, AFL-CIO

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