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NC State AFL-CIO 64th Annual Convention

NC State AFL-CIO 64th Annual Convention

I attended the NC AFL-CIO executive board as a current VP on the board. After we concluded with the normal order of business it was on to prepare for the 64th Annual Convention. It was the first, in-person executive meeting in over a year. I have to say it was a room...
NC State AFL-CIO 64th Annual Convention

Essential Worker and Union Members Vaccination Event

Southern Piedmont Central Labor Council is hosting a vaccination event for union members, essential workers and their families in Charlotte on Friday, April 23rd at the International House on Central Avenue. The available vaccine will most likely...
NC State AFL-CIO COVID Safety Training Registration Available!

2021 N.C. Labor Virtual Lobby Training

Register now for our 2021 NC Labor Virtual Lobby Training, Thursday, February 25th! We will educate participants on the current political landscape in NC and give you the opportunity and tools to lobby for key policies or on behalf of your own local’s issues. Topics...