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July 30, 2020

After a majority of the U.S. House indicated support for a “clean extension” of the airline Payroll Support Program, the IAM is now calling on U.S. Senators to step in to save the jobs of hundreds of thousands of airline workers. 

The Senate will soon go on recess and IAM members must act now to tell your Senators to support a clean extension of relief provided for airlines in the CARES Act. 

TAKE ACTION: Tell Your U.S. Senators to Extend Airline Worker Relief 

Airline workers are facing the worst crisis by far in the industry’s history, with the possibility of thousands being furloughed on or after October 1. 

Please message your Senators today urging them to pass a clean extension of the PSP authorities in the CARES Act through March 31, 2021, and to save hundreds of thousands of frontline airline workers’ jobs.

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