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In December the Women’s/Human Rights and Young Workers Committees sponsored three families in our Season Of Giving. We would like to share an exert from a text from one of the recipients:

“I was shocked! It helped so much. I was able to get groceries, pay some bills and get a load of wood. If you can, tell them thank you for the love and kindness. I didn’t know how to thank them as depressed as I’ve been. It cheered me up and lifted my spirits. With not being able to do much and no one to talk to and everything that’s been going on my spirits were below zero. Cold, hungry, and car breaking down, it was taking everything I had coming in to get my car fixed. But that letter surprised me and made me smile. Thank you and tell all who helped me thank you. I’ll be warm on Christmas Eve. I pray Santa will be good to you and your family. Merry Christmas.”
On behalf of the Women’s/Human Rights and Young Workers we would like to thank each and everyone for making this possible. 2016 was a learning experience for us and we look forward to doing bigger things in 2017.

The next committee meeting will follow the monthly business meeting on February 9th at 12pm.

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