Flight Safety

American:   Safety Reporting System

NASA:   ASRS – Aviation Safety Reporting System

Flight Safety Committee Mission

Air safety is the primary responsibility of every member and is a prime concern of the I.A.M. Therefore it shall be conceived that one of the primary functions of an aircraft mechanic is the discovery and reporting of air safety problems.
A mechanic will never permit external or internal pressures or personal desires to influence his judgment, nor will he/she knowingly do or permit any member to do anything that could jeopardize the safety of an aircraft.
It is further understood that in addition to aircraft mechanics, many other members of our union have a direct effect on flight safety, such as Dispatchers, Ramp Service Stores, and Utility personal. It is incumbent upon the Flight Safety Committee to educate and make all members aware of their contribution to, and for, air safety.
It is imperative that the members of the Committee remain focused on air safety without partisan considerations.

The Flight Safety Committee serves a three fold purpose:

  1. To participate in the investigation of catastrophic aircraft accidents
    of all airlines represented by District 142.
  2. To protect members to the fullest in FAA and NTSB hearings.
  3. To monitor air safety in the public

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How Do I Get to ASAP?

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